The pool season is here! We will be ready for Saturday, May 26th, providing it doesn't snow. The pool has undergone some repairs; painting and sealing the walls.

We will also be having our Memorial Day BBQ from 12-2 on Saturday, May 26th, with free food and drinks! A friendly reminder, absolutely no alcohol is allowed at the pool area. The pool will open Saturday at noon! Saturday, Sunday and Monday the pool will be open from 12 pm to 8 pm, weather permitting, as always.

​I am waiting to hear back from a local fish hatchery to stock the lake with American carp. They eat vegetation and algae, and this will help with the weed growth.

I would like to update you on several dumping issues and the status of each case. Almond Court should be cleaned up any day via a telephone conversation I had with the homeowner. Regarding the Mulberry location at the end of the cul-de-sac with all the large branches and stumps: the owner suspected of this has filed for a grievance hearing. We do have two eye witnesses that saw the tree company come from the property and dump the branches. They have agreed to come forward and testify to this. The property on Tamarack has not responded to our letters to date. All the locations have been issued a fine. I will file with the local magistrate for illegal dumping. I will wait until June 1st, and if the locations are not spotless we will then proceed and file charges.

The office has received many complaints in regards to some properties in our community with excess car parts, frames and garbage strewn about the property. We will have Public Safety enforce our rules and regulations; we must preserve the beauty of our community.

I would like to remind everyone that things have changed with the addition of our new Public Safety Department. The Board of Directors adopted the Pennsylvania Crime Codes and Motor Vehicle Traffic Laws. This is a huge change from previous security. This is so we can do a better job protecting and enforcing traffic laws of our community. The Grievance Committee would like everyone to be reminded of this as they are hearing people say "I always did 40 mph and never had a problem" (example). Please pay attention to your speed as there is a zero tolerance on speeding and going through stop signs.

The speed humps will be going back in next week. I do understand that we need them in many locations; unfortunately it is not fiscally possible. They are about $1100.00 each. We will be purchasing a few more. We did have a resident that suggested we try an Adopt a Speed Hump program, we are looking into all options at this point.

Any fishing at any Pocono Woodland Lake Properties is catch and release. You are required to have a Pennsylvania current fishing license. You cannot keep the fish! 

I hope to see you at the BBQ on the 26th.

Ray Liebold

President, PWLPOA

Board of Directors

I would like to seek out the community help. I have contacted Met-Ed several times inquiring when the debris from the storms would be getting cleaned up.

Not to my surprise, I was asked where the debris is located! I suggested maybe they have a list of work orders for the repairs.

We have poles and wires with transformers, some in our waters that need to be removed now.

If you could please help me and contact the office via email or call the office with the address of any location that has debris.

I will contact Med-Ed and the Department of Environmental Conservation.

The poles are treated with chemicals to preserve the wood and should not be left in any waters!

The Office email is or 570-296-8511.

Thank You Very Much,


Please support our local Pirates swim team when you are Spring cleaning! 

The Pirates will be holding a clothes drive fundraiser on May 26th from 9-11 am at the Woodlands Clubhouse parking lot.

Please drop off Wearable and usable clothing, shoes, belts, handbags, bedding, curtains, towels and stuffed animals that you no longer have a use for.

Any questions please email

Pocono Woodland Lakes 

​Property Owner's Association

RSVP or 570-296-8511

Please take a moment to click on the CodeRed® link below. In the event of emergency situations, our local emergency response team will be sending out critical community alerts! Examples include: evacuation notices, bio-terrorism alerts, boil water notices and missing child reports.

​​Pocono Woodland Lakes Property Owners ​Association

​Milford, Pennsylvania

The office will be closed Saturday, May 26th for Memorial Day. We apologize for any inconvenience. 

Pocono Woodland Lakes 

​Property Owner's Association

                                       Pool & Pond Rules & Regulations

  • Only members in good standing may use any amenity, including the pool and pond.
  • All guests must be accompanied by a resident in good standing who will be present during their visit.
  • One badge per person is needed to access any amenity.
  • A photo ID of the homeowner and amenities badge(s) must be shown to the badge checker. There is no exception to this rule.
  • Families with babysitters must call the office and give the name of the sitter, which will be kept on file. Photo ID must be shown each time to gain access to any amenity, along with an amenity badge for themselves and each child. This same rule also applies to adult children visiting.
  • No children 15 or under will be permitted into the pool area or pond by themselves.
  • Should you use the paddle boats at the pond, you must wear a life jacket, which will be provided for you. You may obtain one by asking the lifeguard on duty.
  • Absolutely no residents and/or employees under the age of 16 shall enter the pool house.
  • Residents are not to interfere with the lifeguards, nor give orders to them. Should you encounter an issue, please see Cheryl, who is there supervisor. In her absence, please go to the office.
  • Amenity badges may not be given or sold to non-residents. Fines will be given to any resident we find giving away/selling badges.
  • Have fun & be safe!